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🌟 You have GREAT singing potential! Are you an aspiring singer with dreams of unleashing your untapped singing talent?

It requires:

  1. A DESIRE to improve your singing,
  2. GUIDANCE along the way, and
  3. DISCIPLINE to complete necessary training.

We can assist with guidance…

🎤 Introducing our personal singing assessment services! For 475 Norwegian kroner, embark on a musical journey where your voice takes center stage. Our experienced evaluators will provide you with:

Thorough vocal analysis: Discover the unique qualities and strengths in your voice that set you apart. •

Customized feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your technique, range, and areas for improvement.

Professional insight: Benefit from the experience of seasoned singing coaches dedicated to helping your talent.

Targeted recommendations: Get a roadmap to improve your singing skills so you can achieve your musical ambitions.

🚀 You can definitely improve your singing voice and gain the confidence to shine on any stage! Limited spots available! Secure your assessment now!

Are you ready to take new steps? Don’t miss this opportunity! Click the link below to reserve your spot and take the first step on an exciting musical journey:

HOW IT WORKS: A. CLICK THE LINK IN THE ADVERTISEMENT BELOW – B. Order the Service D. You will receive an email with a LINK where you can upload either an audio file or a video file of you singing a song. The song can be simple. A song you like.

E. You will receive a report sent to you via email as an attachment with a POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE feedback along with recommendations for the way forward!

Why wait? Take a new step today! Singing evaluation is suitable for those aged 8 to 80+. Maria Gullberg excels in singing various styles, and the common factor is good singing technique that you can learn at Singing Academy from instructors Maria and Øivind Gullberg. We have trained hundreds of students and witnessed outright miracles in singing development. We certainly believe in you!

Learn more at: The singing program, including course material, launches on January 31.

Song Clips - By Maria Gullberg

Mi Chiamano Mimi

by Maria Gullberg | Opera Arias Volume 1

O Mio Babbino (Exerpt)

by Maria Gullberg | Opera Arias Volume 1

Taccea La Notte

by Maria Gullberg | Opera Arias Volume 1

About The Instructors


Maria Gullberg, a soprano possessing an extensive vocal range, underwent a remarkably rapid vocal development under the tutelage of the esteemed former Opera Director, Mark Jowetts, at Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia. Notably, Mr. Jowetts himself had the privilege of studying under the renowned opera singer, Norman Bailey, for a duration of five years.

Within a mere span of a few years, Maria Gullberg achieved the distinction of becoming a finalist in the prestigious Dame Joan Sutherland Vocal Competition, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication. Subsequently, her career flourished, gracing the stages of community theaters and other renowned venues in her native Norway.

Maria’s musical prowess extends to her acclaimed CD, “OPERA ARIAS – Volume 1,” which consistently attains top positions on the iTunes Chart for select arias, a testament to her exceptional vocal artistry. Moreover, her commitment to the arts led her to co-manage the esteemed Forum Theatre School in Bergen, Norway for a commendable seven-year tenure, alongside her husband, Eyvind Gullberg, who contributes as an integral member of the instructional team at the Singing Academy.

Eyvind Gullberg is a multifaceted professional, serving as a music teacher, producer, and co-instructor at the Singing Academy. Possessing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, a Master of Arts Degree (Cand.Mag) in music, law, and computer programming, along with a Candidate Degree in System Analysis, he is dedicated to the groundbreaking mission of programming artificial intelligence to enhance the global singing community.

As the spouse of Maria Gullberg, Eyvind assumed the role of head instructor at the Forum Theater School, overseeing voice training for stage theater. His influence extends to the production and presentation of numerous concerts, musicals, and theatrical stage shows in Norway. A barytone with training in voice from Bergen and Australia, Eyvind’s primary focus lies in guiding aspiring talents to improve their singing prowess through online instruction.

Integral to Maria’s journey in developing her world-class voice, Eyvind has meticulously designed a course that stands as the epitome of guidance and tools, aiming to elevate your own vocal talent to new heights.

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